About Us

Our Vision

Our Vision is single-parents families thriving & building stronger communities.

Supporting Single Parents International is committed to serve our communities with excellence, compassion and integrity.

Mission Statement


Our mission is to empower, educate, emotionally encourage, mentor and practically assist single parents and their children to live better and more successful lives by freeing them from poverty, violence, hunger, and homelessness. 

Supporting Single Parents International (SSPI) Goals:

Be the #1 resource for single parents in the vast Massachussetts region by providing comprehensive and timely services to meet the needs of single parents and their children.

Connecting parents with helpful community resources to aid with gainful employment, increasing the ability to become self-sufficient and able to provide for their families.

Providing counseling for single parents to address life issues including parenting, violence, abuse, depression and anxiety.

Create a platform for single parents to voice their challenges, needs, and concerns.

Set single parents on a successful path toward financial, emotional and psychological self-sufficiency.

Raise community awareness of single parents’ unique challenges and the impact those challenges have on society at large and Massachussetts in particular.

Providing workshops on financial management, resume writing

Expand organizational sustainability.

Our programs include: support groups, financial & parenting workshops, events, exercise & self-care classes, counseling, mentoring & life-mapping.

Supporting Single Parents International with it's growing community has already organized successful single-parent support groups & has assisted a couple of single parents to go back to school, and continues to offer hope to families that are in the gap now. SSPI vows to continue making a profound difference in the lives of single parents and their families in the years to come.